A multi request is the operation that a client performs when he queries at least two members of a given Dappy network to read something from the blockchain. It is the essential operation of all the Dappy philosophy. By doing a multi-request instead of a unique client-server request, a client is able to read from a public database that he does not have locally (the state of a blockchain), without having to trust any entity. Multi-requests in Dappy are a sort of trustless remote database query mechanism.
When a client receives response from a multi-request (ex: AAAAABA), he can apply arbitrary consensus rules to accept or reject the result, based on arbitrary consensus rules (sometimes called synchrony constraints also). The client may require 100%, 90% or 80% of identical responses.
Example: In all releases of dappy, the list of the names is recovered by asking all the members of the Dappy network and requiring 100% accuracy (all the responses must be the same).
The library bees JS is currently the library that handles this logic, it is used by the Dappy browser, and applies the multi-request protocol.
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