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Dapps go one step further into decentralization than IP applications.
A dapp in the Dappy ecosystem refers to a web application or website that is distributed by the Dappy network. Dapps must therefore have all or part of the assets stored on the blockchain platform the Dappy network is connected to. When a user searches "cooldapp" it is resolved to a blockchain address instead of an IP address, and the same network that was asked to resolve the name, will be queried to load the HTML documents and eventually the other files.
Dapps are not distributed by a unique server connected to the internet, or a centralized web hosting service (like AWS or Digital Ocean), but by a decentralized network of agents that are legally and technically independent one with another.
The availability and accuracy that can be achieved with dapps are higher than that of a centralized website because distinct legal and technical entities are co-responsible for its distribution. A typical implementation of the Dappy protocol would tolerate a small fraction of these agents to go offline or even to be hacked (= serving a fake/malicious version of the code).
Dappy CLI is the npm package use to help you put HTML documents or dapps on the blockchain before loading them in dappy
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