Dappy Network and network members (or agents)
The Dappy network is a group of agents (agent is a generic term for “individual” or “company”), each agent should be independant one with another just like the nodes of a blockchain platform. A Dappy network is not a blockchain or smart contract platform, it is a layer or interface that sits between arbitrary clients and the blockchain platform itself. The members of a Dappy network must run a read-only or active node of the same blockchain platform, and therefore share the same state.
A Dappy network may therefore represent a portion of the nodes of a blockchain platform. The purpose of a Dappy network is not primarily to maintain or participate in a blockchain platform, but it is to be available for client requests, and so to expose many endpoints that clients will be able to query simultaneously.
In the current Dappy system, a network member must run the Dappy node program connected to the rnode or RChain node program instance.
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